Hello and welcome! Thank you so much for coming over.

My name is Sarah.  I love my fella, my spark, almond milk lattes, talking, lipstick, embroidery, rainy and sunny days equally, vegan cookbooks, craft beer, and singing far too loudly.

I live in a small city outside Edmonton, Alberta.  I grew up in Toronto and attended university in Vancouver.  After living in a small city in Northern BC, my current address feels like I’m back in a big city, and I relish it daily.

Knitting and I have had a few false starts over the past 18 years.  An ex-boyfriend’s mother tried to teach me once and there were lessons that didn’t stick.  I dabbled and loved it but was alone in my knitterly world.  When I moved to a small city, I dove into knitting to meet new people and it gave me a community.  Both online and off, I gained dear and true friends, as well as the bounty of an entire community all from the humble hobby.  Not to mention the sanity, beautiful knitwear, and strengthening challenges it has provided, too!

I’m happier for being a knitter.

It is one of the great loves of my life.

And yarn? Oh, how I love yarn!  It is yarn that lead me to start this space.  (You can read more about that here.)


Have a question, comment, or yarn recommendation, find me on Ravelry or Instagram as @stashandknit.


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