After & Onward

After the limited quantities of yarn that came in this year (by comparison to previous years) as well as the Great Destash, I feel myself craving very few purchases.  But that doesn’t mean grabby hands aren’t looming, especially with the allowance of superwash once again. I need to mitigate that.

After the success and rewards of 2016, I feel another weighty goal is necessary for 2017. Something with similar motivation.  Something that presents a similar challenge.  Something that taps into my overall goals for 2017.

After much consideration, here are my goals for 2017:

  1. No Nylon (or synthetics).
    Nylon is a polymer – a plastic basically. And that means it is a petroleum based product.  In light of the stand off at Standing Rock and the Trudeau government approving two of three proposed pipelines, I feel the need more than ever to reduce my use of petroleum based products.  And this action just makes sense to me.  I’m not a sock knitter and should I become one, I already own heaps of yarn with nylon. Wool wears well and suits the majority of my preferred knitting.  Plus, it is biodegradable!
  2. Work from the stash you LOVE.
    While I truly adore my stash and don’t think I could bear to part with any more of it, it’s still substantial.  And abundant.  That means I need to make a concerted effort to utilize it. Many patterns are populating my Ravelry queue that I want to knit, that I have reserved the yarn to knit, and it’s high time I do so. Ever wonder how long you could knit, if you just knit from stash?
    Gross, right? Just me?
    The hoarder stands alone.
  3. One purchase of Superwash yarn is allowed prior to Knit City 2017.
    (That’s October 1st and 2nd)

    While I tried to block out much of the incredible colourways being created by seriously talented dyers for the bulk of 2016 (survival techniques, yo), I have begun stalking a few and I need to scratch the itch. And yup, I will adhere to goal number one for the year when I do place the order. This is basically to ensure that I don’t fall off the wagon which is goal number two with a thud.
  4. The built in loophole: Yarn for Softsweater testknits is permitted*.
    *Provided I don’t have appropriate yarn in my stash.
    (That’s a fairly substantial proviso!)
    I am a pretty big fan of Sylvia, the magician behind Softsweater Knits.  Over the course of 2016, I was fortunate to build a friendship with her and cheer on the publication of her first book, Shawl Joy. Plus, I just freaking love her designs. I love lace knitting.  I love the rustic yarns that inspire her.  They just suit me and I wear her creations a lot.  An inordinate amount of time has been spent mulling over this loophole over. I discussed it with my husband and nearly wrote a pro/con list. When I realized it would look like this:
    Pro: I LOVE her patterns.  I LOVE knitting them. I LOVE wearing them.
    Con: I’d probably buy the yarn anyway so…fail.
    I thought it reasonable to allow for it.
    Who’s Type A? Seriously.
  5. Embark upon a new knitterly path.
    It’s vague, I know.
    An idea has been percolating for a while now and recently a further aspect of it struck me.  It’s vital to me that I explore this further and get this idea into motion.  Once it has legs, I will share more.

Onward into 2017, I look forward to new lessons garnered.  I anticipate a struggle and welcome the reward.

Onward into 2017, I feel a renewed passion for knitting. I wonder what the year ahead will bring to my outlook on yarn and this craft.

Onward into 2017, I wish you lessons, passion, and reward.  May you find success in your goals and what you endeavour to do.  Wishing you oodles of cheer & a very Happy New Year! xo