snippets of yarn.


photo credit to Sylvia McFadden

Did you see Sylvia McFadden’s new shawl?  Garter and waves, I swoon.  Naturally, it’s already on my needles.

Yarn that has me drooling: Akara Yarns and Stone Wool .  It is from those two shops that I made my final purchases of 2016.

Wanna feel inspired, empowered, and motivated?  Read this book.  (I know, I know, I’m a broken record.  But just buy it already!)

My family and I love learning about strong women and now we don’t have to stop after Wonder Women because I just ordered this book.

Clean water should be a basic human right for everyone.  Sadly, in Canada, many First Nations have gone without for years.  You can help with one pendant. I bought this one.

The 5 shawls, 5 days Challenge is coming back.  Are you in?  I AM!

I keep this awesome article open on my phone and visit it often.  Hello #7. And, as we get further into January practicing our resolutions, #10 and #13 are good reminders.

I’m not ready for January 21st. Not even a little.